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The procedure of project works or theses is being guided by the project supervisor in periodic meetings.

Kick-off meeting:

  • Definition of project topic and context

Further periodic meetings:

  • Information exchange
  • Instructions for usage of skills required for experiments and simulation/software
  • Individual supervision, depending on project requirements and difficulty

Terminal meeting:

  • Presentation and discussion of the project development and results.

The experiments are to be conducted exclusively in the Application Centre for Microproduction Technology (AMP) at the Production Technology Centre Berlin (PTZ). simulations and experiments can be conducted at defined dates also in the room EW 154a.

Content of projects and theses

Content of projects and theses

Projects and theses should focus on design-related, experimental, analytic and metrological tasks. Depending on the requirements the topic shall be related one or multiple fields of micro- and precision technology, such as:

  • Design of products from the field of e.g. microfluidics, micro optics or micro actuators.
  • Design and modification of micro production technology, such as ultra- or high precision milling, micro injection moulding, microembossing, laser treatment, photolithography and coating- and etching.

The course of the project shall include the following steps:

  • Introduction
  • Project planning
  • Time- and cost management
  • Literature and patent research
  • Specification of requirements
  • Systematic development of different design approaches
  • Analytic estimation and computer-aided simulations to optimize the chosen design approach
  • Purchase and/or manufacturing of parts
  • Assembly
  • Start of operation and tests of the product or functional unit
  • Completion of the project by handing in a written documentation and giving an oral presentation of the course of the project and the results

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