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ForbestParts - Manufacturing system for geometrically determined test particles and effect pigments (BMWi ZIM)



Due to the continuous increase in cleanliness requirements in various industries (e.g. medical device manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceutical and food industry), the demand for geometrically defined test particles in the size range from double-digit micrometers to single-digit millimeters is increasing.Similar particles are also used as metal effect pigments for plastics and paints. The state of the art is reaching its limits with regard to the requirements of particle geometry fidelity with simultaneously high required particle piece counts. Known particle manufacturing methods are also limited in terms of the particle geometry that can be produced, since only flat geometries can be produced. In particular, previously undocumented tetrahedral microparticles could increase the test spectrum and, as a metal effect pigment, solve the previously unsolved problem of flow line formation.

Project goal

In this project, a manufacturing system for geometrically determined well as test particles as well as metal effect pigments of functionally optimized geometry is to be developed. The aim is to increase the number of particles per hour while also increasing particle geometry fidelity.

Project partner

Schöler GmbH, Pansdorf



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Anja Marckwardt, M.Sc., M.Sc.
+49 30 314-23498
Room 337