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[Translate to English:] Fit UP - Fitness Level Tracking by Urine Parameters



The goal of this project is the development of a low-cost and user-friendly fitness analysis device with a corresponding app. Using a miniaturized device based on spectroscopic methods, biochemical fitness biomarkers in urine will be analyzed.

Summary of the project description

Unlike professional athletes, ambitious amateurs in mass sports have no access to medical monitoring of their physical performance and condition. Self-Tracking is therefore an approach to track both performance improvement and physical condition. Overtraining is a real danger for professionals and ambitious amateurs and can lead to serious illness or even death (1-2 out of 110,000 marathon runners [1]). Our equipment helps to monitor fitness progress, recovery rate and important parameters to ensure healthy exercise. The fitness tracker to be developed uses RAMAN spectroscopy as a fast and non-destructive method to measure the metabolic fitness markers urea, creatinine, ketone bodies, phosphate and other nitrogenous compounds. It has been shown that these markers change in relation to physical activity, metabolism, nutrition and kidney function [2 -4]. The project covers all facets of the development of a miniaturized spectrometer for the consumer market. This includes the optical design and setup, the implementation of an external design, the production-ready construction and the coordination of all hardware components with the analysis software including a chemometric method and a user interface. The entire device must work safely and validly and support the athlete in his training. Furthermore the production on a larger scale should be prepared. This includes replicative production processes as well as economic requirements such as the development of a market introduction and communication strategy or the establishment of a distribution.

Project partner

Drugfindr GmbH



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