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Industrial research regarding manufacturing technologies for nanostructured and strongly curved diffractive optical elements





Spectrometers comprise of at least one planar dispersive optical element and additional elements for beam forming. All elements have to be aligned precisely. The disadvantage of those systems is the intensity loss due to reflexion, absorption and scattering at every part interface grows with the number of optical elements. Hybrid optical elements combine different functionalities in one single optical element, which reduces the number of optical elements. This results in reduced assembly effort, higher efficiency and additional degrees of freedom regarding the optical design. The main disadvantage of hybrid optics hovewer is a high manufacturing effort, which elevates the price.


Therefore, the aim of the project is the investigation of a cost-effective replication technology for master structures for strongly curved diffraction optics with nanostructures for use in spectrometers, which can be applied to a wide spectral range from IR to the X-ray range. Against this background, different technologies for the production of preforms and the replication of nanostructures on curved surfaces are investigated. A replication station has to be set up for the high-precision alignment of the mould cavities and for reproducible, non-destructive demoulding.

The range of knowledge of the three project partners Nano Optics Berlin GmbH, micro resist technology GmbH and Technische Universität Berlin covers the paths to the production of the master structures, the preform construction, the set-up of a replication station, the lithographic replication process, demoulding and the development of suitable interface technologies up to the metrological evaluation of the replicas.

From this spectrum of knowledge ways to solve the main task of this project arises: High-precision replication in front of nanoscale structures on curved substrate surfaces


This project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)



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Paul Kastl

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