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Replication technology

Micro injection moulding

Micro injection moulding machine "Battenfeld Microsystem 50"
Clamping force
max. 80 kN
Shot volume
0,05 – 1,1 cm3
Plunger melt cushion
0,2 cm3 (solidified and ejected with the sprue)
Specific injection pressure
max. 2500 bar
Injection speed
max. 0,96 m/s
Ø Reciprocating screw
14 mm
Melt temperature
max. 400 °C
Mould temperature (variotherm)
max. 250 °C
Mould evacuation
< 5 mbar
Clean room option inside machine housing
Automated part removal and handling
Automated optical recognition of sufficient part quality

Hot embossing

Hot embossing machine "Jenoptik HEX03"
Embossing force
max. 200 kN
Mould diameter
max. 150 mm
Mould temperature
max. 320 °C
Heating-/cooling rate
40 K/min
Mould vacuum
< 1 mbar
Two-sided embossing
assisted by optical positioning of mould halves

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